It’s time to write about something that can’t be explained. Time to acknowledge our reconnection to SELF even when words seem too limited. Time to celebrate the potency of silence.

We are living in a time that is fertile for a giant shift in human and individual evolution. In the movies, this is portrayed as gaining super powers or mutations that affect us physically. Mutations that makes us stronger, faster, resistant to pain or death. And although these aspects may in some ways be a part of the shift, the way they are being portrayed is to limiting. Instead this evolution will be imbedded within our essence. It will shift how we think and feel.

It is our thoughts and emotions that distinguish us from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. It is our ability to be self-aware and to choose that make our thoughts and feelings so powerful and important. Our free will. When we harness the incredible resources that reside within our human minds and the emotional responses that our thoughts create, we will know our significance and our super powers.., our Highest Self.

You see, this is what we gave up. This is what we let go of, when we chose to live in this illusion that we experience as the physical world. We allowed ourselves to become separate from our Highest Self, which is the part of us that knows we are always connected to All-That-Is, to God, to the Universe.

Of course the Highest Self never loses the connection to us; even when we refused to experience or acknowledge them. That connection is and always will be there. It simply needs to be revealed or remembered.

And remembering is what we are doing. We think we are studying, learning, discovering anew. Yet the truth is, we have always known. We have always had access to infinite wisdom and knowing.

And so many of us are having new experiences that give us a glimpse of the what, who, where and how of our truest nature. We experience it during our times of meditation, during a walk in nature, or in the silent and still moments of our day as we contemplate the the magic or the mundane.

It is a spark. A bit of knowing. Something drops in and we are aware we are changed. Yet when we begin to think about it or analyze it, we diminish it. We try to describe this new level of knowing; yet the words fail us. As hard as we try to share this profound awareness with another, it cannot be relayed.

For those close to us who are experiencing their own sparks as well, there maybe something in our words that has familiarity, but it isn’t quite the same as their personal aha-moments. Any attempt by them to find words, also falls short. We are unique beings. Our experiences are flavored based on this uniqueness. These experiences are meant to be woven together. Not to become one and the same.

If our words fail us and we find it difficult to share the beauty of our experiences, then how do we benefit from each other’s expanded awareness?

In silence.

Words have their place. Words will always be a part of our world experience; our communications. Words are beautiful. And yet, there are times when they are too confining and limit our ability to share our growth and awakening. This is when silence will serve!

Embrace these new levels of awareness. Absorb and integrate them. Allow them to shift you at your core. By refusing to try and put them into words, these experiences will have greater impact and will change you. Your resonance will change. The frequency that you emit will be experienced in a new way. By cherishing this new spark of awareness and holding it inside, you will automatically shift your own thoughts and emotions. You will know yourself and release outdated filters and beliefs.

For some, you will seem different in subtle ways. For others it may feel extreme.., incongruent. And when they ask what is different about you; don’t be surprised when there are no words that adequately describe what you are going through.

Allow yourself the experience of the internal smile of knowing. You are on your right path. And, Silence may be the most powerful response.

With Light, Love, and Laughter