My crystal grid this morning is for Harmony.  The components these crystals represent are Harmony, entrainment, flow, spectrum, balance, steady, ease, elegance, negotiation, uplifting and resonance.

Today my retreat is starting out as a bit of a surprise.  Even though I have tried to remain open for what this experience would bring… I realize I did have a few expectations or assumptions.

I thought by giving myself this time, I would sink deeper into myself and start to see or recognize patterns, triggers, behaviors and such.  You know, the ones that make life complicated or seem to get in the way of me having things the way I think they should be!  Boy, is that a mouthful!

However, my experience is just the opposite.  I find it hard to focus on anything… It just doesn’t seem that interesting!  My mind wanders… However, it doesn’t go to what is wrong… Instead, my eyes are drawn to beauty.  There are much more than elk here!  Now, don’t get me wrong… I don’t think this is a bad thing.  It just seems like maybe I spend to much time worrying about the wrong things… Actually anything!

Even as I write these words, I realize I spend a lot of time trying to control outcomes!  Here there is nothing for me to control.  If I want to sit by the stream, I do.  If I want to lay down, I do.  If I feel like making some notes on my iPad.., guess what?  I do.

Now mind you I still have a few days here and plenty more could be revealed.  However… Nothing that is being revealed~is anything I don’t already know!

This means that yes… I can look at the things I do that are futile… Such as try to control things.  I can also spend time reflecting on the things I do that are not pretty… Such as being judgmental and colluding with others to justify my being better than someone else.  The truth is… I already know this stuff about me.  If I don’t like it… Or I want to make a different choice… Well then, make a different choice!

Perhaps this is what Nature was always going to show me… Slow down, keep it simple!

Now the question is… How to hold on to the simplicity of this message, when I re-enter day-to-day life, where there is more than just me wandering around the urban forest!