I am going home later today.  The last crystal grid here at Spirit Skies is “Contentment”.  The crystals in this grid represent Contentment, breathing, relaxation, joyful, peace, stability, belonging, communication, decisive, and beauty.

It is interesting to be thinking about leaving.  There are parts of me that are ready and can’t wait to be back at home with Fito, my amazing husband, our dog Archie and to just sleep in my own bed!  There is so much I appreciate about my life… Perhaps even more as a result of stepping away from it.

There is also a part of me that is in fear that I won’t be able to hold on to the piece and tranquility I have found this past week.  That some of the clarity and resolve that was found so easily here in nature…, will be lost in the day-to-day grind that is our lives.

Just sitting with this today makes me aware that once again, my mind wanted to make this retreat a destination, and not simply part of the journey.  I can see how I had invested a lot of energy into thinking that this retreat would “change” everything that felt out of alignment.  That my problems would be solved and I would have clarity of direction.

The truth is… We all probably need to give ourselves a week, once a year to de-stress!  We need to find a way to slow down, check out and let our minds clear.  This is not a destination… This is PART of the journey.  The gift of time to ourselves is priceless.

I leave here more in love with my life.  I leave here connected to the fun that is my life.  I am ready to step back in and begin the process of going crazy again… Because this IS my life and I am the one that is in charge of it!  I just needed the time and space to refuel!

Thank you Spirit Skies for holding sacred space for me to unwind and BE.

Over and Out!

With Light, Love, and Laughter