These are amazing times that we live in. There are so many wonderful things that are happening and being revealed. And, we live in a time when many of the original systems, organizations and structures that were design to support and assist us are distorted and actually being used against us.

Government, corporations, religions, medical/pharmaceutical industries… These at one time were altruistic in nature and were measured based upon their ability to support the communities and people they served. The opposite of altruistic is egotistical… And that is what the majority of these institutions have become. They cater to only a few or small percentage. Specifically those individuals who have been endorsed and selected for leadership roles. Greed, the hunger for power and an intense focus on creating a protected class of elite has distorted much of what was once an important part of the infrastructures that was designed to support all of us. Let’s face it “We have lost our balance”.

Before you go imagining that this is all doom and gloom, I am here to say it is not! Instead, I believe we must go through this time to find our own authority. This is a powerful time for the individual to find their own voice and to connect with what resonates from within. This is a time for us to be more connected to one another. Time to build relationships, organizations and communities that honor the common good and individuality.

AND, Technology is here to help! The ability for us to connect with one another across the globe in a matter of seconds or minutes is an important resource to keep in mind. Yes, technology comes from some of the same corporations that are part of the hurdling cattle mentality… And the information that is gathered is exploited and manipulated by governments, religions and industries… However it also is a way for individuals everywhere to connect with others who are creating positive change.

Look at how GMO, vaccinations, climate change, animal cruelty, equality, and many other social and health issues are being shaped by individuals and one-on-one communications that are happening across the internet and “world-wide-web”! It is because of technology and our ability to stay connected with one another that companies like Monsanto, who have spent billions of dollars to hide the impact of their products that corrupt and pollute our food supply.., are being stopped! Slower in the US than most other parts of the world… But being stopped none the less.

They are being stopped because we continue to connect with one another and to use our combined voices to take care of ourselves. To find our own personal authority… And to use a healthy skepticism while they promote an agenda of greed and domination. This is just one example… Look around, there are so many more that fall into this same situation.

However, the biggest change does not come from battling them. There is no need to go to war! That is part of their way of doing things… Not the way of the future. Instead it is about individuals and communities discovering their unified voices and creating positive, healthy alternatives and boundaries. If you want more organic healthy food, buy organic healthy food. If you want to reduce animal cruelty, don’t by products or eat food where animals are used for testing or kept in abusive, unhealthy environments.

Choose the areas where you want to make changes and connect with them online. Look for “conscious” communities and businesses that are aligned with what resonates with you and the future you are creating for yourself! If you look, you will find supportive, creative and easy ways to shift the world around you. We are all in this together and it will take finding and supporting altruistic new endeavors to replace the ego-based dinosaurs-businesses that currently seem to dominate the planet! Remember – Technology is here to assist!

With Light, Love, and Laughter