Words are so important.  They are one of the most powerful ways that we share our energy and our frequency with others.  When we are excited and filled with creative thoughts we share that excitement with the words we choose to describe our experience.  When we are sad, grieving, hurt or down, we also express this through the words we choose.

Of course there are more than words happening.  Our emotions are seeping into our energetic field and finding their own way of being seen and known.  Our body expresses itself physically, aligning with our thoughts and feelings, adding primal and instinctive expression.  Yet the words we choose to define our experiences are our signature.

The words we use determine how much of what is going on for us we are willing to share.  Words are how we determine the level of vulnerability and exposure we will offer.  They are also the main way we attempt to protect and shield ourselves from judgment, disappointment, expectations and wild hope or desire.  They are the primary tool we use to “control” the situations and people in our lives.

Words are powerful.

As much as our words affect and influence others, the biggest impact they have is on us!  The person choosing and writing or saying (aloud or to themselves) these words or sometimes (and just as importantly), the words that want to be expressed that never are, affect the owner.  We are the most affected by the words we share (or hold in!).

You see, once something is formed into words, it has been added to the morphogenic field.  It is part of what is known, available and accessible to ourselves and others.  We have a direct link or connection to the words we used, but so does everyone and everything else on the planet.  It goes far beyond the intended audience of those words.

If the words we use belittle or minimize ourselves or others, we begin to sense or feel that.  It starts to carry its own frequency and that frequency is real.  The more we say things that align with this frequency, the more energized or charged those words become.  The more energized the frequency becomes, the people and circumstances that relate to or align with this frequency begin to sense it’s presence and begin to seek it out.

It can begin to feel as if it is true, simply because your words are attracting the circumstances and people who will reinforce them.  This is perfect if the words you are sharing are aligned with what you want to create!  That means you are projecting and building a frequency or energy that will attract and create what you want or desire!

But what happens when your words are NOT what you want?  What happens when you use words to express yourself that are based on what you think someone else wants or needs to hear even when it limits or minimizes what is important to you?  Many of us do this thinking we are being kind to others.  That we are being selfless by putting someone else’s needs or desires before our own.  However, the impact is to us…

This is true when we don’t speak up for ourselves for fear of confrontation.  The words are already formed, yet they are suppressed.  They are forced to integrate into our own energetic field as dissonant energy that should have been released.  This dissonance is held in our field until it is released or shifts the resonance of our energetic field. Then dissonance is part of our energetic imprint.

Words are powerful.

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are an explorer on an adventure to live a more Soul-filled, intentional life.  The best place to start is with your words!  And let me be clear, this does not mean every thought has to be expressed, and that you should never choose to put someone else first.  It means align your thoughts and emotions with words that are aligned and honoring.  Allow your actions and thoughts to be aligned and emitting a frequency that you are proud to share with the field of wisdom that surrounds us all!  Now go and speak, write or sing your words and share your energetic essence!  The world needs the authentic you and me!

With Light, Love, and Laughter