Have you ever noticed how sometimes the do’s and don’ts of life seem to be in conflict with one another? It is one of the traps I find myself in quite frequently. I go back and forth internally about how to balance or accommodate both.

Here is my example. We all have situations that come up that upset us. Maybe they make us mad or we feel offended. Perhaps we feel shamed or dissed (dismissed or disrespected). Regardless these situations trigger an emotional response for us.

So then we are confronted with the conflicting do’s and don’ts. For many of us we are taught that we are suppose to turn the other cheek. Or, maybe in our pursuit of personal and spiritual growth we are told that we create our own reality and it is all a reflection… So we should look for and find the Love and Light in these situations. What is the lesson? The idea being that we are suppose to be positive and take the high road. Spiritual people are always kind and loving.., these situations shouldn’t bother us, because we are more evolved than that.

At the same time, we are also taught that unexpressed emotions and repetitive thoughts that are unresolved cause stress and are stored in the physical body. Over time, the pattern of storing these unexpressed emotions or thought patterns become denser and create blockages with the systems of the body. They are the cause of many of our ailments and/or illnesses.., or at least they make us more susceptible to disease.

So, this inquiring mind wants to know: If we are always putting a shiny happy face on every negative situation we encounter, how are we ever clearing away the emotional discomfort or impact.

I think of myself as someone who is positive and optimistic. I believe everything happens for a reason. I also believe I am the author and therefore responsible for creating everything in my life.

I guess I am saying this because sometimes I find myself letting off steam by talking about these situations. Okay.., in truth I am bitching about them or ranting and raving. When I do this I am obviously not being my highest-self. I am just letting off steam!

But isn’t this healthier than pretending it is not having an impact? By moving this energy, it is no longer running around in my head and the emotional charge has been dissipated. And usually (usually), by the time I am done, I can sense or feel a glimmer of the “why”. It has the possibility of leading me to a deeper awareness of what is up for me personally. And, I am not sure I would get there as easily, if I didn’t allow myself this particular way of processing through my thoughts and feelings.

And really isn’t our spiritual journey actually about embracing and including our humanity and the beautiful gift of our full range of emotions?

Yet, because of all the messages we get about being spiritual or enlightened.., it is easy to feel guilty or a bit of shame for not wrapping the whole situation in Love and Light!

So here is where I am right now with this conundrum. When these situations occur… It is best for me to pay attention to why I am ranting or raging. Is it to let off steam and release the situation? Am I trying to hurt or make someone else pay? Am I trying to be better than, or…?

It is a fine line, and it can change mid-stream… but when I pay attention, I can feel the energetic shift in my own resonance when I move from processing to just being mean, spiteful, judgmental or whatever. Then I know I am no longer in healthy release, then I am simply letting my negative-ego have it’s own way.

With Light, Love, and Laughter