Community is on my mind. This past Friday, Phil Blank was leading our weekly meditation, playing the didgeridoo. It is always an amazing experience, but there was something special about this evening. There were over a dozen of us there for this meditation experience, many who I knew, a few who were new to me. Yet the predominant feeling was we were all connected.

The didgeridoo, being an ancient instrument with a very primal sound, sends waves of vibrational energies across and throughout your body. Sometimes you feel it pulsing along your thighs or legs. Another time, arms or shoulders. It moves around. Yet regardless of where you are sensing and experiencing these sensations, you know you are being bathed in healing sounds.

Phil usually brings the groups focus to the breath. As he says, “not only is it part of our life force, it is also something we continuously share”. And that was the feeling coming out of this meditation.., we were all sharing in the same experience. More than just this one meditation.., we were sharing our journeys. On this Friday evening, we all aligned, and came together in this space, at the same time.

In the aftermath of the meditation, the sense of this sharing or being part of community was palpable! There was commonality, yet for many of us, we only knew a bit of the story of those who were gathered. It was not about where we work, how many kids we have, or any struggles or accomplishments we were experiencing. We simply showed up and allowed ourselves to unite energetically. To be a part of something greater than ourselves – community.

It was this feeling that stayed with me. Being part of a community. Community lives and breathes and is it’s own entity. Some who are part of a community are visible, active and involved. Others feed it energetically or in quieter ways. Yet for each, regardless of how they contribute to community, they have a sense of being part of something larger than themselves.

Perhaps community, or more accurately – ‘being aware of community’ is the simplest way to experience our Oneness. God knows there are more than enough ways that we experience our separation or aloneness. How comforting to know that an easy way to find our way back to Oneness is through community.

Of course there are many ways that we can create community. However, these organic ones, that are formed around our personal and self-exploration are oftentimes the most satisfactory. There are few requirements for anyone to participate in a particular way. How, why, and when you tap into these communities is unique. In fact, this needs to be honored, as we all move through and evolve in our own ways. Personal, spiritual growth requires spaciousness sometimes. Other times it needs regular consistent support.

And like the individuals who make up a community.., communities grow and evolve too! That was the other thing that stood out for me. As we continue to evolve and grow, the people who show up and join in continues to shift. It is a living organism. There is an ebb and flow that is beautiful! It is constantly changing and yet it stays the same. Community expands.., or at least always has the potential to expand. It simply needs to be nurtured and cared for.

As I laid on the floor with sounds from an ancient wind instrument washing over my entire body I felt so blessed to be able to have this experience and just as important… To be sharing it with others!

Thank you for being part of our community!

I leave you with a message that came to me in dreamtime after this experience:
“I was aimlessly wandering, with no direction and little thought of purpose; and it occurred to me that I could decide the path I would walk and as a result, influence the experiences I would have along the way. This is my journey.”

With Light, Love, and Laughter