Pond_ripplesBy the time you read this Gisela, Victoria and Stephanie will have completed the second 3-day weekend in the ‘Artistry of Channeling’ workshop series.  They will have shared this amazing experience with me!  And I am thrilled for what this means for all of us!

We have all been part of the Storm Wisdom family for almost 6 years.  We have shared experiences along the way.  From personal events in each of our lives, to celebrations or events.  Yet for the most part, we have come together with unique backgrounds, interests and areas of focus.  Each one of them.., and this includes Millie, are trained in multiple modalities or traditions.  Each one of them has taken their unique experience and crafted a unique offering motivated by their passions and interests.  And they share and collaborate with each other (and me!).

But this is new!  To me it feels like we are taking our connection to a whole new level.  Simply because we have been immersed in this life altering program with one another.  We have shared the same experiences, heard the same messages and insights, been part of a process that asks us to look deep inside, and then find our personal connection to the energetic field, universal mind, morphogenic field, what ever you want to call it.., and give it voice.

I can only imagine how this will shift the conversations we are having with one another.  And as we share our stories and processes with Millie, to bring her along for the ride.., she too will be shifted and changed.  There is a depth that we will be able to obtain that is only possible because of this intense shared experience.  No translation or explanation will be needed.  We will understand one another in a new way, because of this shared journey.

And that means that you will benefit from this experience as well!  As it changes, shifts and transforms the conversations that we have with each other… It changes how we interact with you during your visit.  We have new tools in our toolkits to help us navigate many of life’s everyday situations.  And Storm Wisdom is a place where conversations are integral, feedback and insights are offered and gifts are shared!

So.., A stone has been dropped in the pond, and the ripple affect has started.  We each individually are changed by this past weekend… And a new and deeper level of connection has begun for the Storm Wisdom family!  Who knew it could get better than it already was!

The next time your in, notice if you feel a difference as this ripple washes over you!   I am hoping that if you do; you will feel as blessed as I do!

I think we need a bigger pond!

With Light, Love, and Laughter