We live in such a complex time in the evolution of human consciousness. Never have we had access to so much information and knowledge. And, never have we seemed more committed to ignoring what we know, sense and feel.

For most people who read my weekly ramblings, I have to assume that we are similar. We are developing and expanding our spiritual nature. We are committed to connecting to and hearing our own internal guidance. We are doing what we can to honor our truth and to stay the course for what feels authentic and real.

Yet we live in a time when we are bombarded with negative, violent, manipulative and distorted images and messages! How do we stay the course, while being overwhelmed with the exact opposite of what we are trying to create in our lives?

I must admit that when I look at my life, I feel blessed. There is very little I would want to change. Not only is life comfortable… It is fulfilling and fun. Yet, when I look around at what is happening in the world and on our planet, it is hard not to wonder if we will even survive as a species! We are on a collision course with disaster… And, we appear to be doing little about it.

Or is that true?

You see, one of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately is… Are we actually becoming the change we want to see in the world, without even being aware of it?

Think about this for a moment. If you dig beneath the surface of what we see and hear everyday in the media, it doesn’t take long to find amazing examples of people, groups and communities doing AMAZING and important work to shift us toward a more empowered future.

I know this is true for many of the people I come in contact with everyday. Friends who are setting down old ways of doing things and finding new ways to be in harmony with everything around them. Some are recycling, reusing and repurposing. Many are sharing health and wellness tips and suggestions or alerting others of unknown challenges.

Many of us are letting go of the jobs, people, or places that no longer are aligned with our personal values. We are going through a shedding process, that initially can feel scary or isolating. Only to find that without engaging with these situations that no longer support and serve us, life is more joyful and easier to navigate.

People are being called to write, speak, teach and share what they have learned and know. They are as hungry to learn as they are to teach. We form groups and communities that are aligned with a higher purpose and encourage and promote awareness and support. Each of us has the potential to be part of the shift we want to see in the world.

Unfortunately, a majority of what we see on the nightly news or mainstream print is still focused on the world that is controlled and valued based on money! The distorted world view of the haves and have-nots. Where greed, profit, fear and manipulation have reigned for so long. It can feel like our ability to move away from this or change it is non-existent or limited at best. I would like to challenge this notion!

What if we simply stopped watching or reading anything that was divisive, mean, violent or manipulative? What if we looked for stories that were inclusive, uplifting, cooperative and giving? I find these kinds of stories through social media all the time. In conversations with friends, they mention something that someone or some group that is inspiring. I google or ping them. There are amazing things that people are doing all over the world, in both big and small ways that will help to shift the planet. Perhaps if enough of us start insisting on knowing about, supporting and promoting the good things that are happening around us; we will fill the need and demand for stories and information that serve us all and are completely aligned with this spiritual nature of this journey we are on called life!

What if I start to change and shift the world, simply by paying attention to what I want to see and experience! Love… Not Fear! I believe this is time well spent! Want to join me?

With Light, Love, and Laughter