Last weekend I spent 4 days in Santa Fe at a workshop intensive called “Transformational Speaking” with Gail Larsen. This intensive was not about techniques, instead it was about helping you connect with your personal message or as Gail calls it (from her Shaman background) “Original Medicine”. To give you a sense of why this is called an intensive or immersion, she limits these workshops to only 6 participants. It was at times intense, often spacious and always Soulful.

I went unsure of why I even signed-up. I have been teaching classes regularly for the past five years. I write weekly… as you know from reading these posts… and it is not like I am imagining being on a large stage in front of people. However, something drew me there.

A few months back, a dear friend Keri was visiting here in Phoenix. She was telling me about an experience her and a couple of our mutual friends shared. When she said Gail’s name… I knew I would be going and participating in this program.

Come to find out, opening to, following and trusting my intuition is actually a big part of MY Original Medicine! Hearing the guidance, and subtle messages that are always there, is one of the most important skills I can and have developed in the last 20 years! And, without knowing it before this past weekend, also a critical component of helping to transition to a new way of Being on and for the planet. Not only is it important to me… I think it is imperative for the map-makers, way-finders and explorers of today.

You may not know this… but this “guidance” or these subtle messages are the reason that Storm Wisdom exists!

5 years ago, Fito had gotten his Real Estate Brokers license. He got a position as a broker right away, but confided in me that at some point he wanted to start his own business. I thought that one way I could keep his dream and vision alive was to look for physical spaces that might be appropriate for his future business! If I saw a building or space for sale or lease that seemed like a good match… We would go look at it. I thought by keeping his imagination engaged, it would eventually all flow and fall into place.

I saw one place as I was driving by, and told him about it. The next weekend, we stopped to look at it. As we put our eyes up to the window to look in and evaluate the space; I heard (via the guidance or subtle voice inside) “It’s for you!”. I immediately thought… “I don’t need a space”.
Then I heard; “Yes you do”. I thought… “Maybe this is after I retire from Wells Fargo”. Which was followed by the internal voice saying; “Nope, February”.

My mind was reeling. I had my retirement and life all mapped out. None of this was in my plan. I thought to myself, this means I would have to end my relationship with Wells Fargo… (along with my early retirement plans). Once again I heard “Yup”.

Then the big question. “What would I do?”
Guidance: “Do what you love”
Me: “I like what I do”
Guidance: “Do what you LOVE”
Me: “I love the personal/spiritual growth workshops I am doing”
Guidance: “Yup…. And?
Me: “I love being a coach and helping people one-on-one”
Guidance: “And?”
Me: “I love working with and learning about Crystals.”
Guidance: “Do what you LOVE”.

35 seconds after we put our eyes up to the window, without a word between us, I looked at Fito and said, I am going to quit my job and start my own business. To which he replied – “Okay!”

Let me be clear, hearing, trusting and acting on this guidance did not help with learning all the aspects of starting a new business or even the emotional ups and down or fear that went along with completely turning our lives upside down. But in those moments of my greatest doubt, I would lean into the knowing that I would not have been guided to do this, if it wasn’t for my highest good!

We constantly are offered insights, guidance and direction from within. From our intuitive and instinctual senses. From our own Highest Self, Spirit or Soul. It is up to us to develop that connection and incorporate this guidance into our daily lives!

This past weekend with Gail Larsen in Santa Fe, New Mexico… (Which by the way is off-the-charts charming!), helped me to connect to my own deeper truth about what I am here to do and what motivates and inspires me. Now we will see what unfolds from this experience!

How about you? How are you connecting to your deeper truth? Are you, hearing, following and trusting your inner guidance? If so, share what works for you! We can all learn together!

Gail… When you read this… My deepest thanks for an amazing retreat! And to the five AMAZING women who participated and are now part of my heart… I can’t wait to see what we co-create!

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With Light, Love, and Laughter