Last night we had an Open House to share our recent remodel of the center. It was a blast and so fun to see and celebrate with so many friends. It was also a great reminder of how somethings shift and change, while others stay the same.

What a pleasure to see people who have been a part of Storm Wisdom since the beginning. And then, to notice the number of new friends who have just connected with us recently! It was a beautiful mix!

It occurred to me that this is how life is too! There is this natural ebb and flow of people in our lives, that is constantly in motion. Some situations, like our family or maybe workplace environments seem constant. Whether they are supportive or not, for many of us, they represent the status-quo. They don’t change that often.

Others shift and change, many times without us even being aware of it! As an example, when people ask how Fito and I met; I tell them country/western dancing! We did that a couple of nights a week, when we first met. However, now I have a pair of boots in my closet that have a inch of dust on them and haven’t seen a dance floor in several years!

This means that many of the folks we use to see on a regular basis, are faded memories. At the same time, new interests and people come into our lives! God knows opening a business or starting a new job will do that for you! Starting or ending a relationship, a significant loss or even a move can be a catalyst for a new ebb or flow.

Most of us are aware of what we are going through… Yet forget that our realignment is a part of a shift or change that is happening to many other people as well. It is like one giant (and constant) shuffle on the dance floor of life! It makes me think of a “Western Barn Dance”. This was a line dance where you would start with a partner, go through a series of steps, and then simultaneously, everyone would change to new partners!

Sometimes your new dance partner would be someone you knew. Other times it would be a complete stranger. Sometimes they would be easy to dance with… Other times, a bit awkward. But the one thing you knew for sure was that everyone who was part of the circle had showed up in that moment to share the same experience. Even… If that meant stepping on someone’s toes!

That is how last night felt to me; like a “Western Barn Dance”. Familiar and regular partners in the dance of life and some new ones to boot. A constant pattern of movement that allowed for quick bursts of connection and sharing… And then on to the next to for a chance to savor the shared experience.

Today… I am feeling BLESSED! It is so clear that I have so many wonderful friends and clients, precisely because of this business called Storm Wisdom. And at least for today, whether you were physically present or not… you are part of my “Western Barn Dance”! Most of the time flowing with rhythm, ease and grace. Occasionally an awkward transition or sore toe… Always part of my personal growth and desire to be a better spiritual dance partner! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

BTW… Many thanks to Slade Grove Creative Gourmet for the amazing sweets! Mille Mason, bartenderess extraordinaire, authors Victoria Barna, J’Lein Liese and Michelle Radomski, jewelry-artist Sandy Schenkat for sharing their books and creations and of course Gisela Arenas for “holding down the fort”!

With Light, Love, and Laughter