This article was originally published in Journey Magazine (Issue 84 | Summer 2016).heaven

There is room in Heaven for everyone. It is a place that is so loving that it accepts each of us, exactly as we are. It is a place where anything can happen.

Magic is all around. As you think a thought, everything around you begins to move and shift in order to align with that thought. If what you imagine or desire is large or requires a big stage, then people and things, appear just as you need them. They will bring you gifts, insights, opportunities and more. They will offer to assist you in creating your dream. Sometimes they will offer ways to either simplify or make your vision more complex. All as a part of the magic of Heaven.

For those who prefer to do things on their own, they have it their way too. Heaven values hard work and dedication as much as it does magic. The people and things around them will still realign themselves and be ready for them if they choose. But they will let them make the first move. They are happy to be a cheering section that marvels at their tenacity. Yet ready at a moments notice to pitch in and assist.

There of course is entertainment in Heaven. All forms of music, art and dance. So many that it becomes obvious that everyone in Heaven is an artist of some type. Even those who think that there is not an artistic bone in their body. They don’t see or call what they do art, but everyone else around them does! Art is such an important part of the fabric of Heaven. The smallest child to the oldest of Souls adds something unique to the tapestry of heavenly art. The art in Heaven tells stories, it opens and stirs emotions. It expands the imagination, and exposes our Soul to all those who are present.

There are animals in Heaven too! All sorts of animals. Those we adopt and make part of our family and those that we admire from a distance. Even those we are afraid of! You see in Heaven animals are often the easiest triggers for many of our emotions. Unconditional Love, fear and compassion, are just some of the emotions that animals help us access. Think of animals in Heaven as mini-ambassadors to our emotions.

Let’s not forget the food? Such delicious and delectable delights everywhere! And in every type of cuisine you can imagine. Those you have known your entire life and those you’ve never heard of. There are so many choices of food in heaven that you could never try them all! Well at least it seems that way at first!

Those are the things you anticipated about Heaven. Yet, once you are there, you understand that there are things in Heaven that are a bit of a surprise. Maybe even shocking.

There is still sorrow and grief. Anger, hurt and disappointment are there too. In fact, to your surprise, violence and war exist in Heaven! These were things that you were hoping would never make it into Heaven. These are experiences, that in your way of thinking, are not allowed in the utopia called Heaven.

But each Being, no matter how large or small, young or old, has free will in Heaven. It is their choice how to experience the gifts and graces that Heaven offers. You see, that is how Loving it is in Heaven. God/Goddess/All-That-Is accepts each one without condition. Those who express violence, hatred, fear and manipulation are part of a continuum. Their choices have assisted in the evolution of Heaven into the magical place that it is.

In fact these emotions are a part of our own continuum too. These exists within each one of us to some degree or another. We allow them to grow by ignoring them or judging them as being separate from us. They are part of our own evolution. If we can accept them in ourselves, then we find our balance. When we don’t, we create a wall of separation from them. We think that if we can’t see them, then we can pretend they don’t exist.

We imagine and create a future place where we never have to look at or think of them again. But that is not how Heaven works. It accepts us completely. It takes us whole. Exactly as we are. Even when we try to hide or cover up those things that make us uncomfortable. Heaven gives us the opportunities to come to peace with them.

It has to… Because even if we have forgotten who we are; Heaven never does.

Heaven is now. It is everywhere and anywhere and it recognizes you and what you are. It knows you are an extension of All-That-Is and that makes Heaven your Home.

– Charles McAlpine