Have you ever noticed how clear the view is when you are on top of the world? I have been feeling blessed, joyful, happy, excited, content, ready and expansive for a while now! These actually are always there, it’s just that sometimes in the past I have intersperse them with worry, fear, doubt or some other constricting emotions. So even though all these great expansive emotions are almost always present; whenever they are laced with heavier ones, they don’t have the same resonance or feeling!

This brings me to what has been going on for me lately. You see, when I am feeling this good, someone else using language or expressions that are constricting or isolating.., really stands out! So I find myself offering new words, phrases or perspective that bring this to their attention. First of all as a reminder to them that words matter. And also, because it is painful enough that it hurts.

What I am talking about is someone’s negative self-talk. When they put themselves down. For some it appears to be a habit. Just something they have always done. So, they are so use to it, it feels comfortable to them. Until you play those words back to them.

“I hate the way I look”, “I am terrible at that”, “I wish I were half as smart as they are”, “Nothing ever goes my way”. We start saying these things to ourselves and all of a sudden they become self fulfilling prophesies. We begin to feel them. We begin to believe them.

I have one friend who is amazing. She teaches people all over the world and is highly regarded in her field. Yet one-on-one, she appears self-conscious and insecure. Now mind you, she is externally successful… So does it matter if she is down on herself? For me, I always think how much MORE powerful she would be, without the negative self-talk?

Another friend was applying for a job she really wanted. She was excited about the company and the potential fit. That is, until they started to show interest in her. Then it almost appeared that she lost interest in the job or could see all the reasons why it probably wouldn’t happen. When I asked her why she was no longer interested; her reply was that she was… But she didn’t want to get her hopes up! Energetically she was shutting her own energy down without even realizing it!

How often do we do this? How often to we try to hide or protect our feeling and emotions. How often do we mask our true desire. How often do we say something that makes us seem smaller. All because we are afraid that if we think, dream or desire something, we will never recover from the disappointment of not getting it… If we don’t get it!

Words, thoughts and emotions are the fuel for our energy! They are what give each of us our unique flavor and flare. If we are constantly toning or turning ourselves down; what are we missing out on?

I believe we are capable, creative and complete just as we are. And that if we are willing to become “Wordsmiths”, we can transform our lives and create them from our dreams and desires. Versus letting some smaller or limited version of ourselves be in charge!

So thank you to the Wordsmith who pointed out to me, that I use the word “try” more than I need to! Now I’m on the lookout for that small word too!

P.S… By the time you read this I will be on a 10 day road-trip! So, make sure you check in on Gisela and Millie while I am away!

With Light, Love, and Laughter