Newsletter: Jan. 3, 2021

Insights on Intentional Living

with Victoria Barna

We Are One!

We Are One!

“We are already one. But we imagine that we are not. And what we have to recover is our original unity. What we have to be is what we are.” Thomas Merton, American Trappist Monk, writer, theologian, mystic, and social activist  How many times have you heard people say, “We’re all connected or we are one?” Have you ever felt the connection to something greater or what I will call Oneness? In my experience I find that words can’t describe the feeling. Some of you may have experienced this feeling during prayer or meditation. You may have also felt it during a walk when you are immersed in beauty or the majesty of your surroundings. There are many ways to experience it; however, for me, it’s always a feeling that I experience when I’m intentional. I set aside my ‘to do’ list, quiet my thoughts, and lean into being still within. I use deep breathing...

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Tools for Intentional Living

Tools for Intentional Living

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Crystal of the Week


Amethyst strengthens your spiritual connection, connecting to the Now. As it purifies our energetic bodies it supports the release of old patterns, habits, and tendencies. The crystal in the photo is representative of the quality of your hand-selected stone.  Differences in the size, shape or color of the crystals should be expected.


Crystal Online Courses

The 11 Principles of Intentional Living

A self-paced, online course on how to select, work with, cleanse and program crystals; and how they relate to your energy centers & energy bodies

Find Focus, Freedom and Purpose with The 11 Principles of Intentional Living

Imagine living a life aligned with your personal dreams and desires. Where you know exactly what to do to get all the pieces to fall into place. How to find focus, improve clarity of purpose, and live a more fulfilling life?

A self-paced, guided course that takes you through the 11 steps necessary to consciously create a meaningful and empowered life.

Intentional Living Practices

Crystal Cipher

We are influenced by the situations and circumstances of daily life. Work environment, partner, family, friends, commitments, etc..,  all have energetic impact.

Crystal Cipher and the profile it reveals offer insights that allow you to mindfully navigate your day and recommends crystals that could be ideal allies for maximizing your desired results.

What is your energy profile for the week?