Newsletter: Jan. 3, 2021

Insights on Intentional Living

with Victoria Barna

Reality – Wisdom – Hope!

Reality – Wisdom – Hope!

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  Albert Einstein, Theoretical physicist Have you ever thought, “I’m living in a different reality than others?” More and more I find myself saying, “That’s not my reality!” As Albert Einstein reminds us, “Reality is merely and illusion. . .” Beliefs, thoughts and actions create the illusion. I realize that my reality is mine and most likely is different than yours. I’ve been wondering how peace can prevail when we live in so many different realities. I’m not saying my reality is the best nor do I have expectations that I can convince someone to accept mine. Each one of us is responsible for creating how we want to live and yet how do we come together in unity? Plato, an Athenian philosopher, has said, “Reality is created by mind, we can change our reality by changing our mind.” This...

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Tools for Intentional Living

Tools for Intentional Living

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Crystal of the Week


Amethyst strengthens your spiritual connection, connecting to the Now. As it purifies our energetic bodies it supports the release of old patterns, habits, and tendencies. The crystal in the photo is representative of the quality of your hand-selected stone.  Differences in the size, shape or color of the crystals should be expected.


Crystal Online Courses

The 11 Principles of Intentional Living

A self-paced, online course on how to select, work with, cleanse and program crystals; and how they relate to your energy centers & energy bodies

Find Focus, Freedom and Purpose with The 11 Principles of Intentional Living

Imagine living a life aligned with your personal dreams and desires. Where you know exactly what to do to get all the pieces to fall into place. How to find focus, improve clarity of purpose, and live a more fulfilling life?

A self-paced, guided course that takes you through the 11 steps necessary to consciously create a meaningful and empowered life.

Intentional Living Practices

Crystal Cipher

We are influenced by the situations and circumstances of daily life. Work environment, partner, family, friends, commitments, etc..,  all have energetic impact.

Crystal Cipher and the profile it reveals offer insights that allow you to mindfully navigate your day and recommends crystals that could be ideal allies for maximizing your desired results.

What is your energy profile for the week?