AmorDeBaileLast night, all of us from Storm Wisdom went to “Amor De Baile” a music and dance celebration that was produced by Yumi La Rosa. If you have been to previous anniversary celebrations here at Storm Wisdom, you have probably experienced and enjoyed Yumi’s beautiful Flamenco. It is breathtaking!

As I watched last night’s performances, I couldn’t help but marvel at the passion, dedication and mastery of these musicians and dancers. From the very young (4 years old and adorable) to those in the Sage years of their lives, they were beautiful and inspiring.

In the second half of the show, the masters of music and dance mesmerized the audience. There was a guitar solo by Misael Barraza Diaz, that transported us to another world, with layers of music and harmony so subtle and succinct, that I had to keep reminding myself that there was only one instrument being played.

And the dancers, including Yumi La Rosa, Jose Antonio Fernandez ‘Tachu’, Adriana Hohl and Martin Gaxiola were stunning. Such precision, blended with such passion. Their footwork appeared to be an impossible feat. I was watching and listening and still don’t know how they did it! Beauty, elegance, masculinity, femininity, intensity and joy were showcased perfectly.

I continue to replay each piece in my mind, inspired by their commitment to their art. It really made me think about passion. There are so many thing in our lives that we enjoy, embrace, experiment with or simply do that bring us pleasure or satisfaction. But when there is passion, it is taken to a new level!

Passion when defined as “a strong or extravagant emotional fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for something” moves us to a new level of willingness. When we are passionate about something, there is very little that can stop us from pursuing that thing! We experience a new level of commitment and drive, simply because we are so emotionally connected to it. Passion makes mastery more attainable! Without it, mastery is labor intensive without the built-in motivation and momentum!

I have been thinking about the passion in my life. Where is it.., or where is it missing? When have I felt it, when has it been absent? Where has it helped me to master something? How could I tap into the energies of ‘passion’ to harness it’s gifts of motivation and momentum. Is it something you can intentionally create.., or is passion something that is born of an eternal spark?

When I think about passion in my life, I realize that although I have it in some areas of my life; there are many other times where I have limited it or shut it down. I realize there are times when I would not follow a passion for fear of what it might look like or how I would appear. If I tried something, and didn’t “get it” right away, I would stop, for fear of looking foolish, inept, or not good enough.

One thing that last night demonstrated was that when you live your passion, it requires discipline and effort. These performers did not simply step on stage and begin performing at this level. They achieved it because their passion was more important to them, than any fear of not succeeding. It was obvious that nothing was going to stand in their way of becoming the artist they were destined to be!

How about you? What is your passion? Where are you letting it be the driving force that motivates and moves you? Where are you shutting it down? I know these are the questions I will be reflecting on this week! Maybe something that has been forgotten will re-emerge!

With Light, Love, and Laughter