Part of my belief and the core message I feel like I am here to deliver, is that the world and human consciousness is shifting.  It is evolving.  The easiest way for me to think of this and describe it is that feminine energies are coming into balance with masculine energies.

What this means for those of us who have been around for awhile, is that the old ways of navigating our lives no longer work the same way or are as effective as they use to be.  We can’t just rely on doing, driving, thinking, pushing and competing.  We need to incorporate being, sensing, feeling, opening, creating, allowing and receiving.

We need to find the balance between these amazing energies.  Which brings me to another point.  These are not two separate energies!  They are one in the same and exist as a part of the same continuum.  A continuum that has been heavily imbalanced toward valuing the masculine end of this spectrum over the feminine; doing over being; movement over rest. (Don’t even get me started on how this distorts the beauty of masculine energies!)

So.., as much as I believe our continuing evolution to be true; sometimes I forget that this applies to how I navigate my small world too!

Here is what’s up.  Things have been going amazingly well recently.  I am on the move, I can see and imagine the expansion that is in front of me.  I am taking all the steps necessary to make some significant changes.  Things are going GREAT!   And then – CRASH!  When I say crash, I mean that in the most literal sense.  The desk in my office, with a 3/4″ glass top shattered with everything including my computer on top of it!

The sound was intense and the realization of the magnitude of the result was almost instantaneous.  WTH?  It really threw me off.

You see, like most of the folks I know, who relate to the world as a giant energetic field and playground; I tend to believe we attract energetically, the same sort of people, circumstances and events as we are putting out!  Frequency to frequency, resonance to resonance!

So how in the middle of a very exciting time, do I end up creating this mini disaster?

The other thing we spiritual types do, is look for the meaning of these events as part of what the Universe is mirroring back to us!  What is the meaning of this particular reflection?

I have to say understanding the “reflections” in our lives is a much easier concept to grasp when everything is aligned!   We all have those moment (or at least I do!), when we are feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders and then something happens like an unexpected expense or bill in the mail, confirms we are cursed!  Or conversely, everything is magical, flowing and easy and we get a surprise check in the mail!  Proof that we are blessed!

But, what is the meaning of the reflection, when things are going great, and then there is a loud CRASH (almost on top of you!)?

Initially, I have to say that trying to relate to or understand energetic fields and reflections was just to much of a pain in the ass!   I didn’t want to figure out the hidden message or try to comprehend how or why I was attracting a shattered workstation!  This was throwing me off my game!  I would rather get right back to powering through and completing the tasks at hand.

And then it hit me… The excitement of expansion and creating something new has been activated for me.  This means my natural tendency to push, pursue and succeed is now front and center.   What is missing is that I am forgetting my own core belief.  I am forgetting that driving to and demanding success on my terms, only values the masculine aspects of what is going on. It creates a false sense of urgency that is driven by internal expectations and requirements.  It ignores the natural order and flow of what wants and needs to happen in order for my dream of the future to be nurtured, tended to and cared for.  Instead the focus has been on completing or getting it done (fast).  Versus, allowing and receiving.

It also makes me aware of the bulldozer energy that I am so comfortable with when I get stuck in my head.  I become so singularly focused that I forget that the shifts and changes I am up to, affect others as well.  It was no accident that the crash I created was while I was “pushing” to get what I wanted, when I wanted it!   Now I see that I need to slow down and keep checking in to see that each step along the way feels right and to allow it to unfold naturally.  With flow, ease and in its own time!

Once again, I am reminded that the new way we will find our way to success will require a more balanced approach.  Otherwise, if we are not willing to seek this balance ourselves, energetically the Universe will create the slow down for us.  And sometimes, the slow down will come with sound effects!  CRASH!

With Light, Love, and Laughter