It is not unusual for me to be in a state of contemplation. I find myself wondering about the world around us and how we will ever shift and change the course of destructive patterns that appear to be leading us to our own demise.

I realize that much of what has lead us here to this critical point in time, is not new. In fact we have been destroying the environment for over 150 years in the name of progress. We have been hurting and killing each other for even longer… Thousands of years of conquest, pillaging and devastation. Usually in the name of God.

We have given away our power and authority to slick and fear-based marketing. We have access to so much knowledge and information, and yet we only pay attention to what is projected at us though the various forms of media. What someone else thinks we should look like, wear, drive, aspire to, or desire. For the most part, we have become lemmings; drowning in our own polluted waters.

These times of contemplation are heavy. The situation seems dire. At times I think “What’s the point?”

Yet there are other times I feel hopeful. During these times of seeing possibilities or ‘light at the end of the tunnel’; I realize it is because I have disconnected from our consensus reality. I am in a state that many would call “magical thinking”. Where we are more informed by the energetic information and signs that are all around us; than by what is physically right in front of us.

I feel as if I am part of a collective that can sense the arrival of a new way of being. One where we understand our personal authority and have a sense of responsibility for what we create and experience each day. What we see, hear, touch, smell, taste AND sense.

I am amazed that we allow companies to genetically modify our food and then refuse to be transparent about what they are doing and the effects of their products. We give up that choice to be informed, because the same companies spends billions of dollars on marketing and even “buys” our elected officials. We then reelect those same politicians.., even though they can no longer can be called ‘our representatives’. And this is just ONE example.

We know there is a shortage of clean air and drinkable water, yet there are companies who are still polluting our air and water. Sustainable, alternative fuels are making head way, but against industry giants that are doing everything they can to keep the same addiction to toxic oil and coal industries (and all their byproducts) front and center, even though we all know what they are doing to the soil, plants, fish, animals and us!

We keep consuming, because that is what ‘they’ tell us to do! We know they are motivated by money, greed and power… and we still allow it, because it is so ingrained in our minds and they tell us that one day – we too could have access to wealth.., and pretty, shiny things. The American Dream. This is in spite of the fact that the gap between the average American and the top 2%, grows dramatically further apart by the day.

So where is the hope? Where do we find the strength and courage to be part of the collective that ushers in a new way of being that is sustainable, peaceful and equitable?

I believe the most important thing we can do is let our “freak flags fly”, which is an expression that is most commonly associated with the Hippie-movement of the 1960s and early 70s. In other words.., don’t let others tell you how to live, and what is right for you. Trust what feels aligned and resonates for you. Trust you internal guidance and not the noise from an electronic device (tv, computer, radio, etc).

What I realize for myself is that the more I do this, the stranger I get! The more I listen to what my body is telling me and navigate the relationships and experiences of life via my intuition and non-physical senses..; the weirder I become. I don’t fit into as many situations as I use to. In fact in the past, I thought fitting in was a skill or a gift. Now I am not very interested in fitting in to situations where I can’t be myself.

The more time I spend connecting with and being my authentic, strange self; the more I realize life is a lot more enjoyable. Enjoyable because there is a natural flow. And you know what? Other strange, unique, authentic freaks begin to find you! (Yes.., I might be calling you a freak!)

Where the freaks gather to fly their flags, new ideas, collaborations and imaginings occur. You begin to realize that even though we are bombarded by distorted and manipulative messages coming from all directions, there are many who are moving beyond the influence of this noise. Who are beginning to get a sense of what is possible. There are many inspiring and creative people who are dreaming into existence a new way of being!

We are becoming the alternative to the status quo. We simply need to keep looking for, connecting with, and supporting one another! We need to remind one another to let the freak flags fly and whatever you do… Don’t tame your strange! The earth needs you!

With Light, Love, and Laughter