Charles150X150There is a theme that keeps recurring over and over in my thoughts. It is the theme of simplicity. The idea that the easiest way, to whatever it is we are trying to create, shift, or release is by keeping it simple.

In my world, keeping it simple is not as easy as “I think”. Therein lies my challenge. You see, I actually like complex. I like things that need to be figured out. I am good at seeing the quickest route from point a to point b… and even, how to maximize the outcome and minimize the resistance. But that is because I “think” my way through the process… And then feel a sense of accomplishment for being able to figure it out!

I also love to learn. So I take a class; or start a new project; or realize I have uncovered an interest in something that has caught my attention. Now it is time to figure it all out. Put on my thinking cap. Master something new.

While exploring and attempting to understand my spiritual journey, I have been exposed to many concepts and ideas. And the ones that I have resisted the most are the simple ones~the basics. It is as if my mind tells me “it can’t be this simple”. “Stay in the moment”, “breathe”, “you are not your story”, “let go”… These are a few examples of concepts and teaching that we continually hear… yet, I always think that there has to be more.

When we are feeling stressed and anxious… if you close your eyes, and begin to pay attention to your breath, and allow yourself to enjoy deep inhales and luxurious exhales… For just a couple of minutes, you will dramatically shift the impact the stress is having on your mind, body and spirit. It’s true. But… Do I remember this in that moment? Of course not! I am too busy looking for a real complex solution that is as challenging as whatever is stressing me out to begin with!

However… Hope is in the air! Maybe it is because I hear these simple themes over and over again, that my subconscious mind is finally letting some of them in! Yeah! One of the things I am noticing a lot recently is that “letting go”, is becoming a way of life or perhaps more accurately, a State of Being for me!

Everyday challenges, opportunities and experiences are presenting themselves to me… And I am letting go of the need to know, define or determine a specific outcome. I find that I am not attached to being in charge or control (as if I ever was!!) of how things will turn out.

I don’t mean in a listless, I don’t care, I am not invested sort of way. I mean that I can be fully present, have a preference or desire, give it a good effort, and still be willing to allow the outcome to be what it will be. Even letting go of what the outcome means, says or implies about me. In other words, letting go of what I think others will think, say or perceive about me. Isn’t that another one of those themes that we keep encountering over and over? “It is none of my business what others think of me”.

Wow… What a simple concept that has taken years for me to allow it to sink in!

There is power in “letting go”. And there are so many things, that once we begin to embrace this energetically, start to fall in place. Including our own ability to see ourselves through the old stories we use to define ourselves by. An enhanced “observer” that is always with us that whispers in our ears that each of these letting go moments is part of who we are becoming! Including allowing ourselves to feel whatever wants to be expressed and released in that moment.

Because letting go, doesn’t mean some of these things won’t hurt, be sad, makes us feel angry or any number of emotions. It simply means that as you let go of of your attachment to things being a particular way or having a certain outcome.., you also acknowledge, experience and release the emotions that are naturally triggered.

Letting Go – as a State of Being feels really simple. I think I will just breathe that in!

With Light, Love, and Laughter