imageI read a quote recently that said “We don’t create what we want, we create what we believe” (author unknown).  Which I immediately thought seems right to me.  But then, I started thinking about how creating and actualizing seems to work for me.

First of all, let me just say and own upfront, that like you, I have thousands of random thoughts per day.  Many of them come and go so quickly, that I am barely aware they hit my mind’s radar-screen.  But then there are others that ‘stand out’.

I begin to get ideas or thoughts of something I want to create.  Then I wonder where that thought came from.  I begin to analyze this idea and try to figure it out.  Is this really something I want to create or is it simply one of MANY ideas that will never get any traction.  

I mean we have to prioritize these things right?  If we tried to create everything that our minds conjure up, we would never sleep and it would require multiple lifetimes.

But for now, I have this bright idea.  I begin to imagine what it would look like.  I start to question and doubt it.  A mental ‘pros and cons’ process begins.  I likely decide it is something I should focus on later.., maybe never.

But then after a few days, another version of the same idea, desire or concept presents itself.  Maybe it is a slightly refined concept or an answer to one of the perplexing issues that had me put this brilliant idea on the back burner.  Either way, I find myself once again imagining the possibilities of this thing I want to create.

And then reality sets in.  My practical mind comes up with the list of challenges to this new idea.  Challenges such as, It would be very expensive;  it would be time consuming; does it even ‘fit’ with everything else that is on my plate.  The list goes on.

So I firmly commit to letting the idea go.  I decide to let it die the natural death it was meant to.., because it was all in my head.  Finally, I am resolved.

Then, someone starts a conversation and offers a clue to one of the many challenges that seemed insurmountable.  Or, I read an article that offers a new perspective, and suddenly the idea or concept is back!  I am once again imagining what it will look, sound, feel and be like!

There is a good chance it will be taken off the “to-do” list again.  Maybe run through all the cycles I described above.  Possibly multiple times.

Yet there are those things we are destine to create.  Dreams that have their own life force.  Ideas and concepts that have us create new relationships, businesses, art, products, homes, offices, backyard sanctuaries, websites, something new.., anything!

These come from a deeper place within us.  Our Soul calling us to do and create something.  Not because the world needs it, but because we need it.  These things that cannot be shut down are the Soul’s way of letting us know that “this” is one of the ways that we can experience something that we came here to experience.  That this idea or concept, regardless of how lofty or mundane offers us the chance to collect a piece of the puzzle that is part of what each of us calls “Purpose”.

All of this is to say that sometimes we don’t know what we want to create or if we believe it is possible; because it is still making its way through our imagination!   And in our imagination is where the magic happens.   So let it come to life there and then be watchful for how the Universe is conspiring to support you and your Soul’s Purpose.

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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