TheJoyOfCrystalsOn December 1st, Storm Wisdom will be 6 1/2 years old!! Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly that time has passed. Then there is the opposite sense that it has always been part of my life!

As I think about this remarkable journey and what we have created, there are so many highlights and amazing things I have been fortunate enough to witness and experience. For some reason, today I am thinking about the Magic of Crystals.

I remember being in a Lucid Living workshop back in 2004. All of their programs were about personal empowerment and authoring your own life. They always had us digging deep into emotional freedom and fluency; taking responsibility for what we create in our lives. In one particular series about “Creation and Manifestation” they introduced Crystals as potential tools and allies for focusing your intentions and actualizing your heart’s desires.

I have always been a “live and let live” kind of guy. So when they were sharing this, I thought… “Great if it works for you…. It’s just not my thing!”

On the other hand, I was completely taken by the idea that these amazing “specimens” were created by the elements and the earth! To me, they were ‘works of art’! Gifts from Nature. So, although I completely ignored all they were saying about them as spiritual tools and allies; I still bought several. I knew they were going to look beautiful as part of the decor of my home.

Of course, once I took these first couple home, I started seeing or noticing more of them. I began to actually look for them. I wouldn’t say it was immediate.., but within a few months, I had several more. Then I noticed the shift in how my home felt. At the time I was becoming more energy aware. But the shift in how my home felt was quite dramatic. I realized the only thing that had changed in my home, was the addition of crystals!

Suddenly, I was much more curious about these rocks and minerals.., I became a bit obsessed! I was searching for and seeking out rock and crystal shops. One thing I started to notice almost immediately was how much my own intuitive guidance was being amped up! I would pickup a crystal and know something about its properties before I even knew what it was called. Not a ton of information, but enough to know generally if it was a good fit for me… And surprisingly, for someone else (my friends)!

My friend Gail, who is another Rock Hound, bought me my first book about crystals. Even when I started reading it, some of the descriptions would really resonate… Others not so much. Often I would get a sense that there were other properties they were not discussing. Of course the me who was new to all of this would initially doubt my own insights. I wondered “who was I” to question or comment on the properties of crystals?

Yet it kept changing and evolving. Soon in my meditations I would see crystal layouts, or get information from crystals. By 2006, I was sharing a lot of what I was getting with others… And they would share with me. Crystals changed my life.

So much so, that when I felt guided to open Storm Wisdom, it made complete sense that our retail space would offer crystals. I guess that is why I am writing this now. I feel so fortunate to get to play with, be surrounded by and share the natural properties of crystals with people everyday!

On top of that, imagine attracting a team of other Spiritual Magicians who also LOVE working with crystals! I am sure that playing with crystals is one of the many reasons our Storm Wisdom family feel so closely aligned!

Lucky me… I live in a world of Crystals! And if you are one of the many people we get to talk to everyday about crystals; who share your own stories and experiences; or are curious and just beginning to explore these gifts from Nature. Thanks for being part of this totally fun and unfolding journey! Rock On!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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