One of my favorite things about life these days is the awareness and experience of Magic that is all around us! To give you an idea what I mean, I am talking about coincidences that happen so frequently they can’t be ignored. The synchronicity of people and events that are aligned with whatever you are working on. When something seems to materializing out of thin air just when you need it! Projects and tasks begin to flow and have a sense of ease or effortlessness. This is Magic!

One thing that has intrigued me lately is the concept that as we work with and develop our intuition, it increases or expands our awareness of so many other fun things! By paying attention to your intuitive senses, another whole world is revealed that operates just below the surface of our normal awareness. By simply paying attention to our own internal guidance, all of a sudden the world around us conspires with and reacts to our openness.

I suppose that could be viewed as a cause and effect… But it feels more mysterious than that. Cause and effect seem to limiting. Instead, and I am just thinking out loud here… It is that we are tuning into a frequency or resonance that is always there, but for the most part we are oblivious to it! We can’t see or notice it (very often), because it doesn’t follow the familiar rules of order that we are use to working/living by.

Let’s call the normal world we live in the mundane. There are few surprises, things are predictable, and there is a system in place that is give and take. For most of us this usually feels as if it is more give and less take (receive). Something happens because you have worked hard, proven yourself, played nice, done what you were told and/or you have given enough time, effort, or resources that you deserve “it”. We are so use to this model that, the surprise is usually that sometimes we get more than we anticipated. Yeah!

Now, in this other realm that coexists with the mundane… You have access to and experience magic. The information you need is available when you need it. You meet people who have the background, skills or connection you need for something you are interested in. You think to yourself, boy I could really use a hand with …? And someone or thing is right there. There is no proving, earning or deserving… It is simply there because that is what is fun, and you’re energetically connected with everything around you.., through your intuitive senses.

It all co-exists… It is simply another channel or station… Coming to you in high-def! That is what it feels like to me these days! Flowing, magical, mysterious and fun!

I am not saying there isn’t some “work” to do to get to living with this kind of magic. It requires opening the mind, connecting with your emotions, releasing old stories, trusting your intuition, changing limiting beliefs and using personal discernment. However… for most of us, that is the spiritual work we are doing anyway! So the key here is… If you are gonna do this personal growth and spiritual work, look for the Magic!

The more you recognize how the Universe conspires to support you… The more it can support you! Think of it as your own energetic amplifier… And all that is needed is your intuition and awareness! I don’t know about you, but I am tuning in!

With Light, Love, and Laughter